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Conditions of rent a cars in Marrakech

Wafajet : Car, 4x4 and minibus rental agency in Marrakech, in Morocco.

Conditions of rent a cars in Marrakech

The driver :
To rent, the driver indicated with the contract must be old of more than 21 years. It has had to be also titular, for at least a year, d' a driving licence valid. That must be justified by original documents. If a second driver is required. That/this one must be present at the moment it departure and present the original of its driving licence as well as an indentity card or a passport. Only the drivers identified on the leasing agreement are authorized to drive the rented vehicle.

Duration :
The rent is authorized for the limited duration to the contract except conventional prolongation granted by the hirer out. In the absence of restitution, with l' expiry agreed upon, that Ci reserves the right to take again the vehicle where qu' it is, with the expenses of the tenant. Taken again delivery/: Wafajet leaves you the choice of the place or you want to travel by or return the vehicle (Airport, Hôtels, Gares… etc) subject to prior agreement. The use of the vehicles on the not tarred roads (track) is prohibited. The driver is only responsible for the offences and infringments for the road traffic.

Fuel :
The fuel is with the load of the tenant, it car will be delivered with a level and returned with the same level, the fuel left with the tank will not be to refund.

Payment :
The payment can be done on the spot, by Swift transfer or credit card. Our tariffs include/understand unlimited mileage, the lubricants and maintains it the vehicle, the delivery/recovery of the vehicle. Our tariffs are expressed in Euros.

Insurances :
The vehicles are assured any risks. However, for any damage other than the flight of the vehicle, sets fire to, broken windows, civil responsibility and transported people (PAI), a reached a maximum nonredeemable frankness remains with the load of the driver in the case or its partial or whole responsibility would be committed. For any accident, a report is obligatory.

Attribution of jurisdiction :
Of convention express the court in the spring of which east locates the head office of the hirer out will be qualified to only know of any litigation relative to the present contract. The hirer out will be able however to give up for the benefit of this clause of jurisdiction and to carry the stems in front of all the courts of competent jurisdiction.

Refunding :
The amount of the hiring is payable in advance for all the duration of hiring